2015 & 2016 Australia Kangaroo 1 oz Silver Coin Typeset

In 2016, the Perth Mint announced the first-ever Australian Kangaroo 1 oz silver bullion coin. The only problem was that it wasn't the first-ever silver kangaroo, as 300,000 prototype coins had been produced in 2015, but these were not released to the market until after the 2016 coin went on sale.  There are slight differences between the two coins such as the 2015 being minted from 0.999 silver while the 2016 coin is minted from 0.9999 fine silver, but both coins share the classic red kangaroo design by Dr. Stuart Devlin, surrounded by a radiating design, along with a micro-engraved "A" appearing under magnification in the "A" of "Australia", an anti-counterfeiting addition.

This two coin typeset contains examples of the only silver kangaroo coins ever produced by the Perth Mint.


2015 =        300,000 coins

2016 = >10,000,000 coins

These will be fresh from Perth Mint tubes and will be placed in airtite capsules for lasting enjoyment.

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